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Eye Spy Toronto!

Who did you spy today?

Eye Spy Toronto
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Spy someone from LJ on the streets of Toronto??

Ask them here!

Similar to the "eye spy" you'll find in Now, you can post here about "spying" someone you think is from LJ in Toronto and see what they say. An easy way to introduce yourself and meet new people.

Feel free to introduce yourself, what area you live in, where you work, where your typical hangouts are, so that other LJers might spy you in the future, or have seen you around in the past.

This is a community to find out if that certain someone you saw walking on Queen Street or sitting in that diner was an LJer. A new way to meet some new people, and make some people in our big city just a little bit closer.

"There's no greater pleasure than meeting an old friend, except the possibility of making a new one."
--Jean Jacques Rousseau